Branding Design

"At their core, Smarkets are a tech company. They prioritise users' experience and use groundbreaking technology to ensure that’s what they get. Smarkets want to use Financial trading principles to change the way the industry operates and become the standard people expect. "

I joined Smarkets in late 2017 and was tasked with the mammoth task of reimaging the companies brand in time for their Jockey Club sponsorship that began in January 2018. The goal of the rebrand was to make it stand out from the other branding on course and for it to be a strong focal point on Televised races as the horses ran the course.

However, that was only part of the task. The re-imaging was to go further and help the company stand out from the crowded industry in which it operated within. It was to embody the principles at the core of the company to showcase these to the world. Due to the time constraints at the beginning of this project, it was important the brand was flexible and left room to evolve. The thought process behind this can be found in this blog post I wrote.