Print design & Illustration

"Haus is built to enable anyone and everyone to sell and buy homes the way they see fit. No longer do you have to choose between saving money or having a great experience. Haus is a new way to buy and sell homes online using technology and trusted experts."

I was asked by Haus to create a series of mailers that would stand out from everything else when you were picking up your mail. They were keen to use photography to achieve this, however, after looking closely into their target audience we decided that it would be very time-consuming to find imagery that would appeal to everyone. Unless we commissioned these.

After playing around with some designs that used typography and iconography as their main focus, it still wasn't quite hitting the balance between standout, approachable and informative that we were looking for. It was at this point that I decided to go down an illustration route. By going down this route I had more freedom over what we could show and through the choice of color we could really make things 'pop'.